God Post Page

God Post Page 

God posts detail my journey with God (ever evolving), my love for God (ever steadfast) and the way I totally dishonored God with my zeal for saving souls in a very non-Christian, judgmental, and critical manner.  

It also contains my triumphs, in my purusit to honor God and to live my life with God at the forefront. 

You should know I messed up (and still do) … a lot!  

I want to share my journey so that you know it’s ok to fall so deeply in love with God that you lose your mind.  

Just make sure you find it again, and with it compassion, understanding, and patience! 

My hope is that it will give guidance to new Christians, mostly in the form of how not to do things lol.  

No matter what my readers take-away from these posts, I pray that you will see my love for God through out all of my journey and my heart-felt desire to do life with God. 

Since you will need quick access to discern if my posts align with God, I’ve included a link for the Bible: 


Please double-check everything I post! Make sure it aligns with God’s word, if not… please do not follow it and please bring it to my attention. I do not want to do anything that would dishonor my Father or lead you astray! 

Did I mention I mess up… a lot?  

Did I also mention that God has more than enough grace to cover my mistakes? 

I used to beat myself up thinking “Well now I’ve gone and done it! Because I said so and so, because I dishonored God so badly in how I handled that situation, there’s no way anyone will ever want to know God! How could I have done that, said that, etc…?” 

For those of you who have been in the same situations, let me share something with you that has brought me comfort… “I am not mighty enough to snatch souls away from God, or to derail the plans He has for another person!”  

If you are a new Christian, who strongly desires to bring your loved ones to Christ you can check out how I did it (incorrectly at first, I may add) here: 


or here: