Bringing My Fiance to Christ

Bringing my loved ones to Christ (especially my fiance) was a task I took on with all that I had within me.

I was on fire for God and I wanted everyone I knew and loved to be on fire for God as well!

I had to save their souls!

I felt such a sense of urgency that I did incredibly stupid things.

Let’s start with how I came to Christ.

A local church was giving out free tickets to the movie The Passion of the Christ.

I was a single mom, movies were not in the budget, so I took my kids to see it.

I knew of God, and I had read the part of the Bible that detailed the events leading up to Jesus’ death.


When I saw Him being beaten, humiliated, spat upon…my heart broke and my anger at God increased tenfold.

How could a Father allow His son to be sacrificed?

Why didn’t God sacrifice Himself? (Not how you thought this story was going to start out huh?)

I struggled with this for awhile until God spoke to me saying “Your life or the life of your son, which would be a greater sacrifice?”

Then I understood, because I would have given up my life to save the world, but, God help me if the cost was my son’s life, we’d all be on our way to hell.

I just could not and would not ever sacrifice my son.

So, after I came to understand (still didn’t realize I shouldn’t have judged then demanded an answer from God)

I became on fire for God and sinned in my pursuit of bringing my fiance to Christ and accepting Him as his Lord and Savior.

My extremely handsome then-fiance!

For the record, my fiance became attracted to me when I was still deep in my sin, a party girl who was open to anything and everything.

Then I found God.

So, not only was he coming to grips with being in a relationship with a completely different woman then he chose to be in a relationship with, he was also wrestling with his own demons!

Want to guess how I helped him with this?

How I unrighteously sought to bring my fiance to Christ?

I threatened to break up with him if he didn’t go to church with me, I tried bribing him with lunch after church, I withheld…affections from him (affections I shouldn’t have been giving to him anyways as we were not married during this time).

I tried crying, begging, guilt-tripping, and any other forms of manipulation I could think of to get him to church.

It didn’t work, none of it worked.

Not only was he miserable, but I was as well.

It is not within me to be a whiny, manipulative female…yet I thought I was doing it for God!

Get him to church at any and all costs was my mission!

My go-to scripture for this was http://Proverbs 11:30 which says:

“The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and whoever captures souls is wise.”

I wanted to be wise…but I wasn’t righteous in my pursuit, my fruit was rotten, and instead of honoring God, I was used mightily by Satan.

So…I stopped manipulating him and started praying for him instead.

Guess what?

He started coming to church with me and he was the one who (much to my sadness-don’t judge) who decreed that we would not be….affectionate until our wedding night seven months away.

It became his job to help me be holy, which didn’t (and still doesn’t) include always making me happy.

If you enjoyed reading how much I messed this up in the begining, you will probably enjoy reading how I brought my children to Christ:

Don’t judge lol

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Hi! I'm Raynee. I am a Christian, a licensed professional counselor, a wife to a husband I do not deserve-cause he's so wonderful, a mother of two amazing adult children I couldn't be more proud of, and a grandmother AKA Mimi of seven absolutely adorable grandbabies. I am also an Optivia coach, a writer, a speaker, and most importantly (second to being a Christian that is) I am a woman of integrity and honor.

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