Bringing Your Siblings to Christ

My three handsome brothers: Josh, Roger and Shane

Finding myself still being on fire for God, I focused on bringing my siblings to Christ.

Well, focused may not cover it, more like, obsessed about bringing my brothers-I don’t have any sisters, to Christ.

I had moved 2,000 miles away from my siblings so the only way I had to communicate to them about God was via telephone.

Bringing My siblings to Christ: Brother number 1:

I started with my baby brother, mostly because I thought he looked up his big sister and would be the “easy” one.

The part of our conversation that stands out the most to me is when I told my little brother that if he didn’t believe as I did, not only would he go to hell, but he’d be taking his children with him.

For the love of God do NOT ever utter those words to your loved ones, or anyone for that matter!

What was I thinking?

You don’t threaten people with God.

Where was love?

Where was God for that matter?

How could I have left those things out of my conversation???

John 3:17 says God did not send His Son into the world to condem it…

So why would I think it was ok for me to condem my brother?

And then be surprised at his lack of enthusiasm for Jesus???

My only explanation is that I allowed my fear for my baby brother’s soul to replace love, to dishonor God, and to drive my brother further away from God and if I’m being honest, probably from me as well.

How could I have been so stupid?

Just as I know I will never forget (or stop regretting) that conversation with my brother…

I have to live with knowing he never will either.

How do I make amends for that?

I don’t think I can.

Once I had planted seeds of judgment and hate for Satan…

I believe God refused to let me sow there anymore.

I had lost my sowing privileges with my baby brother.

My only option is to “speak” to my little brother through my actions, through living my life for God and in trusting that God will send another sower of seeds to my brother.

But, I kept wondering how I got there…

What happened?

How did I get from wanting to share with my brother how much God loves him to threatening and condeming him?

Joyce Myers (I love her!) provided the answer.

I spoke to my brother as a carnal Christian, rather than as a spiritual Christian.

According to Mrs. Myers, a carnal Christian is “immature, operating out of their emotions and doing whatever they feel like saying and doing.”

I wouldn’t be surprised to see my picture right next to that defintion as a prime example of one!

I found the post helpful, so I posted the link here for you to check out:

Bringing my siblings to Christ: Brother number two:

Surely, I had learned my lesson on how to bring siblings to Christ!

At least with this brother my “witnessing” didn’t traumatize him for life, it did however, find me compromising my values without even realizing it!

1 Timothy 2:2 talks about leading a peaceful, quiet, Godly life… living dignified in every way….

So how did I find myself in a bar on Saturday night???

Satan’s so sneaky!

My middle brother came to visit me in Maryland.

I desparately wanted to “save his soul from burning for all eternity” so I asked him to go to church with me the next day.

He said he would go to church with me if I would take him to a bar.

This seemed reasonable, I’d be earning my gold star from God for getting my little brother into church where God could then take it from there, work His magic, whammo presto…soul saved!

And I would have had a part in it!

Spoiler alert: he didn’t even follow through on our deal and I went to church hungover!

This bringing your siblings to Christ stuff is harder than it seems!

Unless you let your life, your actions witness to others…

Then it’s easy!

I learned this with:

Brother number three when I tried bringing him to Christ

I spoke to him only about what God does in my life, how He loves me, forgives me, and expects me to bless others whenever I can.

I share God with him, I don’t preach to him about God.

I share scriptures with him that help me get through difficult situations.

I do it with love and by sharing with my brother my reasons for accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.


I do it with gentleness and respect as God intended.

I don’t Bible thump him or use scriptures to convict him, prayers to chastise him, nor do I judge him.

Did I finally get this right???

I don’t know for sure, but I know this way is so much better!

Because it’s a spiritual Christians’s way.

But most importantly, because it’s God’s way to bring your loved ones to Christ.

The brother I may have finally got it right with!

If you’d like to read how I did bringing my children to Christ, click the link below:

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