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As I mentioned previously, God directed me to build a website.

Me, build a website? What?

I heard God clearly instruct me to build this website. (And, if you are reading this God post, I FINALLY did it!)

I wonder if Noah felt as incredulous as I did, after all, he was told to build an ark in the desert lol He listened to God, why can’t I???

So, I, ever the obedient one, hired someone to fix one little thing on this website that I spent days trying to figure out on my own.


They fixed it! I now had a Cookie banner!

But then…

Their “fix” resulted in more infuriating issues!

I couldn’t find my Cookie banner, it wouldn’t come up on the website automatically like it was supposed to!

Probably because I was being punished by God! I’m glad God didn’t punish me by feeding me to a fish!

I was preparing to hire them again to fix the banner issues, when I heard God saying “I want you to build the website, no one else can fix or have anything to do with any part of this website.”

In response I grumbled…”Ok, well it’s going to be one shoddy website.” (Which, of course is a great attitude to have…NOT)

With my attitude, I can assure you not much glory was being given to God Honestly, why does He put up with me???

So, after having learned my lesson… (or did I?)

I advertised on Facebook my desire to hire someone to come sit down with me and show me step-by-step how to build a website.

(I seem to always look for a way around God and His directions!)

Just like Jonah: he disobeyed God too!

When no one responded or even tagged anyone on my post… which is unheard of! Have you ever seen a facebook post where someone didn’t respond or at the very least tag someone else?

I realized…

That was God saying “No!”

I finally gave in, sat down and got to work! (Notice, I didn’t say I did so with a good attitude nor did I say I asked God for His help)

And spent days trying to work out the issues…

To no avail!

Now, having said all that, it’s important for me to share with you that God had given me a course to help guide me in creating this website at the very begining:

Theo McArthur’s “Blogging for a Living-Perfect Small Budget Project”

Which you can find on:

It’s not like God took a technically challenged person with zero website building skills, and zero desire to build a website and told her to build a website…


That’s exactly what He did!

But He also gave me guidance through Theo McArthur!

Do you think I was grateful for Theo and followed her course like I was supposed to? (I really am grateful to Theo, she’s amazing!)…


I hate building this website (mostly because I’m not very good at it and my repeated failures beats my pride up daily lol)

And so…

I thought of ways I could get it done quicker…

God gave me one instructor…

I should get more courses and instructors from Udemy!

After all…

More is better right? (Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!)

Do you think I took time to pray to see if this aligned with God’s plan?

Of course I didn’t! (I’m stubborn)

Do you think I buckled down and did it God’s way?

Of course I didn’t! (I’m an idiot…a bright idiot who forgot who I am and Whose I am!)

I bought more “how to build website” courses from Udemy and added in a whole lot of other instructions, installed more recommended plug ins, and am now more confused and hopelessly lost in this website than ever!

NOW, I’ve waved the white flag, I’ve surrendered to God, and will be doing it His way (only because I’ve exhausted all other options at this point-see, I’m not even doing it for the right reasons, yet God won’t give up on me!)

All this to say, if you think your “short cuts” will speed up your trials and will get you out of them sooner, without having learned what God wants you to learn…think again!


My other “take away” from this lesson is that God doesn’t hold grudges.

He forgave my disobedience and disrespect, which, going forward, only makes me want to do things His way so that He doesn’t have to keep covering me in His grace.


Him and I both know I’ll find myself trying to do things in my own power (or in the power of others) again in the future as…

I fail daily.


This does not surprise my Father!

He still makes a way.

“Thank You God for Your patience with me and Your understanding of my inability to just listen to You and do things Your way the first time! Won’t You please help me? I cannot do this alone!” Amen”

I can’t help but wonder if Noah was as hard-headed, and disobedient as I am.

If he was, then I can have hope-he built an ark, I can build a website!

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