Giving is something we are called to do as Christians. and God wants us to be happy about it too!

We are even called to give to our enemies!

Caring for the poor, the orphans, the widows, the less fortunate, is an expectation:

It’s also how we show God’s love to others.


We may be answering someone’s prayers in our obedience!


When I was a new Christian, I heard many conflicting points of view on this subject…

“You’re so gullible! That guy probably makes more money than you do!”

“How nieve can you be? You can’t fix homelessness by giving them money!”

And, my personal favorite…

“If you give that homeless guy $10, he’s just going to go to the liquor store, get a bottle of alcohol, get drunk, and wander into traffic where he will get hit by a car and die…unsaved, and all because you gave him $10!”

What? Oh man, I don’t want to be the cause of that!

Even my hair was shocked!

I just wanted to help him get a meal…. to ease his suffering a little… not be the reason he burns in hell for all eternity!

So, I thought “I’ll give him a religious tract instead!”

I got some from my church and started handing them out with great enthusiasm!

Proud of myself for not giving anyone a one-way ticket to hell!


The tracts weren’t well received by the homeless population. (Go figure right? They have phsyical needs that have to be met before they can even begin to address their spiritual needs-remember Maslow’s hierarchy of needs?)

They didn’t appear grateful for the tract at all! Go figure!

Didn’t they know I was trying to save their very souls?

I started questioning how easy it would be for me to be concerned about my soul if I were cold, alone, if my tummy was empty.

Could I really listen to, or care about anything over the rumbling of my empty stomach?

So, I asked God what I should do (I should’ve went to Him first by the way!)


I felt Him telling me that I am to do what He has said to do in His word…

Matthew 25:35:

It was like I heard God say; “Your responsibility ends there. What they do with the blessing you give is between them and Me.”

Me, being the ever questioning one responded “But God, there are signs up in my community about how not to give the homeless people money, how that doesn’t really help them and how I should donate to an organization that helps the poor instead.”

I thought made a really good point!


God referred me back to Matthew 25:35 AND reminded me He is God, the people who posted the signs… are not.

So, (because I’m so obedient-not) I said; “But, aren’t I supposed to follow city ordinances?”

God, (ever patient, and kind) reminded me that if one of my authorities (city officials) decree something that does not align with my Ultimate authority (God), then I am to do what God says to do.

I started handing out money again (and tracts…you know, couldn’t hurt!)

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