God Found My Dress

Three dresses given to us by God!

Cruise day is fast approaching!

None of us have found dresses for the formal cruise dinners.

We had been all over town looking for formals; department stores, second hand stores, bridal stores, found nothing!

It may have been easier if we didn’t all need plus-size dresses AND if it wasn’t Homecoming week for most of our local high schools!

The odds were definitely NOT in our favor!

We started freaking out, what other chance were any of us going to get to be able to dress up?

It’s not like there were any Homecomings or Proms in any of our futures!

This was it, our last chance.

When we had all three piled back into the car after another failed search, your girl had a great idea…

I prayed “Father please find me a dress and could You make it affordable too? Thank You. Amen.”

https://biblia.com/bible/esv/james/4/2 this verse says I didn’t have, because I didn’t ask, so I asked!

At the very next store we went to-which was David’s Bridals (NOT usually affordable!)

God found me a dress!

I found a brand new dress for $41.00!

None of the other dresses were as affordable as that one was.

I immediately thanked my Father for finding me a dress!

I told my two companions that they should ask their Father for a dress like I had done.

They declined and three stores later, we called it a day.

The next day after I got into the car…

I asked “Are you ready to ask Our Father to find you a dress yet?

Neither of my companions responded so I prayed out loud;

“Father, please help these two hard-heads find a dress and please make them affordable. Amen.”

Not sure if that was ok or not-yikes, but that was the prayer I prayed.)

Just to give you an idea of what we were up against, we needed a size 22 and a size 26.

Most stores only carry up to size 20 on their racks.

We would’ve had to order them and they would not have arrived in time!

We found a size 22, (thank YOU God!) but…

The size 26 was proving impossible.

In the mean time, someone had posted on Facebook that they had two dresses that might work for my currently dress-less companion.

My friend went home dejected and decided that she was going to make a ten-hour-round-trip trip to Denver the next day in order to find a dress.

I went to the address posted on Facebook and picked up the free dresses!

Neither of which fit my companions, but they fit me very well!

God found me two more dresses!!!

Side note, when I went to the address, the sweet lady told me that she never answers Facebook posts because she doen’t want someone she doesn’t know coming to her home (totally understandable!) but that something (God!) told her to answer my post!)

I chose to return the David’s Bridal dress because I didn’t need three dresses and the extra $40 sounded good to me!

When I was waiting for the customer service lady to make my refund, I heard God tell me to go check the clearance rack.

I immmediately…argued, (hey-don’t judge me we were at this store not 12 hours previously.)

Then I felt bad for my disobedience, and went to the clearance rack…


Found a beautiful emerald green formal dress size 26 and on clearance for $22.00!

God is so good!

I texted my friend and told her to cancel her trip to Denver, for God had provided her a dress!

I used my refund to purchase the dress-how could I not?

And drove it straight to my friend’s home.

She loved the dress!

Anything that is important to you, God makes it important to Him.

So don’t freak out, God’s got you!


Trust and believe!

If you want to read how to NOT bring your siblings to Christ the way I tried to, click here:


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