God’s Timing

Have you ever thought that you were waiting on God’s timing?

Just waiting for Him to give you the green light?

I have thrown my fist up in the air and said “It has to be now!”

“I’m ready!”

I have and His reply was “Wait”.

I have cried out (pitifully, I may add) to God; “I’m ready!”


His reply was “Not yet you aren’t.”

I have shouted at God “What more can I possibly do to prove to You that I’m prepared?”


His reply was “Trust in My timing little one.”

I have been so frustrated that I told God “Just forget it, I don’t want Your blessing anymore!”


His reply was “I know you’re frustrated, but you have to trust Me, I know you better than you know yourself.”

My reply; “Uggggggggggggggggggggggh!”

You may have felt that way as well.

Especially if you truly believe your are ready and have done all the preparation work required to handle the responsibilities that accompany whatever it is you’ve prepared to do.

Waiting for God’s timing is very difficult, but this is what He says about waiting:


To paraphrase, God says:

“Be strong…and wait!” lol

This struggle is real!

And…it’s a struggle I’ve encountered since I became a Christian.

I was even worse about it then!

I was on fire for God and wanted to light everyone else on fire as well!

God told me to wait, but I was on fire, no way was I going to wait!

If you want to see how that worked out for me, click the link below:


I wish I could say that I no longer stuggle with waiting, that I’ve matured and learned how to trust in God…

But, I’d be lying and God doesn’t like that lol.

Something I believe God gave to me that helps me endure His timing is a hypothetical story.

I’m going to share with you.

Let’s say I’m thinking about giving my 3-year-old grandson a check for a million dollars.

(Stay with me lol)


He gets one shot to do right with it.

He wouldn’t know what to do with it (first of all, he has no concepts of banks, so he wouldn’t even cash it)

He couldn’t be a blessing to others (he wouldn’t know who or how to bless others with)

He wouldn’t know to truly appreciate it (because he doesn’t know the value of money)

He wouldn’t have learned the responsibility needed that accompanies a blessing as big as this (as he’s three years old, too immature to know).

And in the end…

He’d probably just eat the check. lol


Jeremiah 29:11 basically says that God’s plans are for my good, if He is saying “Not yet,” it’s because I’m not yet responsible enough to receive the blessing.

I hate thinking that I am not yet mature enough, wise enough, responsible enough, or knowlegable enough to do what I believe I am ready to do!

But, I am not yet those things, or my Father would’ve said “Yes, now you’re ready. It’s time.”

I know God would not withhold from me something He promised me if I truly was prepared for it, it’s just not in His nature!


So, it turns out that I’m not waiting on God’s timing,,,

He is waiting on me.

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