Gratitude Is A Killer

Gratitude is a killer of selfishness, complaints, irritations, anger, disappointment, resentment, bitterness, unforgiveness…

Pretty much all the negative emotions and behaviors we experience when we are waiting in line, handling a complaint, feeling attacked, disrespected, uncared about or dismissed.

That’s why the Bible speaks about giving thanks in all circumstances:

Life happens to us all…

And you can bet Satan wants to make it as unbearable as possible for us to endure.

The very last thing Satan wants is for us to express gratitude!


Because if you are grateful, you’re not really in the stealing, killing kind of mood lol

If you are expressing gratitude, you can’t experience any negative emotions, or engage in any unloving behaviors…it’s one or the other.

Don’t believe me?

Try being angry while listing things you are grateful for…

Or try to judge someone when you’re thanking God for your job, your car, your loved ones.


It was one or the other huh?

So, how does one go about starting to list things they are grateful for?

Start with toilet paper.

Why toilet paper you may ask?


It’s such an off-the-wall thing to list first, that you will probably never forget it!

Any time I am thinking negative thoughts (which are judgmental, critical, harsh, mean, etc…) if I “take hold ” of my thoughts as instructed in: 2 Corinthians 10:5

Then I can list things I’m grateful for rather than think even nastier, crueler thoughts!

If my negative emotional state is demanding that I pay attention to it, that I keep it going, give in to it…

I up the ante by…

Telling myself that anything I fail to list today that I’m grateful for, will not exist in my world tomorrow…

I tend to devote ALL of my attention to listing my many blessings that I am INCREDIBLY grateful for!

So, if you find yourself needing motivation in order to defeat your negative thoughts, follow suit!

It works!

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