Satan Uses Encouragement

Satan uses encouragement: As a new Christian, I believed the only thing Satan could use against me was: temptation.

I was wrong! What? He can do that???

Also in Satan’s bag of tricks is: “encouragment”, which he uses quite effectively!

(Satan also uses scriptures, disobedience disguised as obedience, and acts of love, which I will write about in future God posts.)

I want to share with you an example of how Satan uses encouragement to take us away from God.

This past Saturday, my son went to the gym (remember, he’s committed to honing his temple to become the very best it can be…this is a nice way of saying he’s obssessed with the gym lol).

See what I mean?

While at the gym, I believe Satan “encouraged” him by whispering in his mind things like this:

“Go harder!”

“More weights, more repetitions, more sets”

“Push youself!”

“Don’t be weak!”

So, my son did.


Satan laid back, folded his hands under head, crossed his ankles and said “My work here is done.”

What work?

My son had pushed himself to the point of physical exhaustion, so much so, that when it came time to get up for church on Sunday, he physically couldn’t do it.

Statan had won.

I’m attaching a screenshot of texts between my son and I (with his permission) that shows how hard it is to even realize how Satan gets us to do things that take us away from God:

My son is not the only one who couldn’t see Satan at work…

I too, have been guilty of this on many occassions!

One that comes to mind, is the time I stayed up late on a Saturday “doing God’s work.”

Idea after idea flooded my mind, I worked frantically to get all the ideas written down because I feared if I didn’t, I’d forget them!

So I stayed up until 3 AM, and guess who couldn’t get up for church the next morning?

But, I was doing God’s work, surely I get a pass on missing church right?


Two clues should’ve tipped me off that it was Satan at work, not God:

1.) I was frantic

2.) I was fearful

God doesn’t use those negative emotions to encourage His children…Satan does.

Whenever I feel “encouraged” to volunteer, help someone in need, (yes, Satan can even use acts of love to take us away from God), over do it on Saturdays, entertain something that may later overwhelm me, etc…

I make sure I check in with God to see if this is what He wants me to do.

It’s not enough for me to go to His word-because I will definitely find scriptures that speak about helping others, loving others, taking good care of my temple, etc…

I have to remember Satan knows the Bible better than I do, and he knows how to use it in a way that can actually take me away from my Father rather than bring me closer to Him.

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