You Feed Them

You feed them was Jesus’s reply to His disciples when they tried to tell Him how to care for His people.

I laugh everytime I read it!

My judgmental laugh!

I’m not sure if Jesus meant it the way I take it when I read Luke 9:12-14, but I think Jesus was trying to tell them not to question Him about how He takes care of His children.

Read these scriptures and tell me if you get a different “feel” for them then I did.

It seems to me that Jesus was saying “If you don’t agree with how I care for my children, then you take over the responsibility for them and…feed them…all 5,000 of them.”

As I stated previously, I laugh whenever I read how the disciples thought they knew better than Jesus…


I think I know better than Jesus too if I’m being honest.

Whenever something bad happens, I think “Well, you should’ve just stopped that from happening Jesus.”

I forget or ignore that I don’t see the whole picture, Jesus does.

I also forget or ignore that I view things way differently than Jesus does…

I view them with judgement, Jesus views them with love…

Little bit of a difference in those views lol

On a completely different note (did someone say squirrel? lol)

Wouldn’t it be cool if everyone who gave unsolicitated advice had to take over the responsibility for the person/situation?

To the person with depression, “Well, you just need to cheer up”… the advice giver would then become responsible for cheering up the clinically depressed person (good luck with that!)

And the family member that says “If you would just beat his butt good one time, he’d straighten right up…” would then become the person responsible for beating the misbehaving child.

I think they may just stop giving unsolicitated advice and maybe…

Start being a little more empathetic and supportive…

It could happen!

So, the next time someone says; “You should…” interrupt them and tell them whatever advice they give you is what they become responsible for doing…

“Just let your toddler cry herself to sleep”, this advice giving person would then have to listen to your child scream for four hours…non-stop.

I bet people would be a little slower to offer up solutions if they had to listen to a toddler tantrum for four hours or had to feed 5,000 people!

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