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Day 54: Date Night Without Food?

October 30, 2021: Ok, so last night I used date night as an excuse to eat off program. How could I have enjoyed date night without food? According to this article I found (I LOVE google!): https://leaf.nutrisystem.com/10-date-night-ideas-that-dont-require-cheating-on-your-diet/ I could have; taken dance lessons, went skating (I’d either kill or seriously injure myself), gone bowling, played a game, did yoga for two (tried that, not doing that again!), visited a museum (once you’ve been to the museums in Washington D.C. local museums just won’t do it for you), sang karaoke (hmmm) took a cooking class (I don’t cook) or volunteered (sounds...


Day 53: Date Night

October 29, 2021: Date night, well actually I just decided I want a juicy, fat-packed hamburger for dinner tonight (didn’t I just speak on missing Fatty? I’m guessing she’s visiting, or…exercising her new found freedom!) so I called it date night. But aren’t I supposed to be taming her rather than letting her run free, unrestricted? Does the fact that I know Fatty is testing the boundaries make it ok that I’m not enforcing them? Oh well, Red Robin it is! You need to note the following: if your husband has allowed his inner Fatty to run wild, do not...