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Bringing My Children To Christ 0

Bringing My Children To Christ

Once I came to Christ, of course my focus turned towards bringing my children to Christ as well! Save their little souls so I could live out all eternity with them by my side in heaven! What mother wouldn’t want that? I came to Christ by way of free movie tickets to The Passion of the Christ- which you can read more about here: https://personofhonor.com/uncategorized/bringing-my-fiance-to-christ/ At that time, my children were fifteen and eleven. I was sure once I told them about God, they would jump on my bandwagon and become the greatest little Christian soldiers there ever was! Boy...

Bringing My Fiance to Christ 0

Bringing My Fiance to Christ

Bringing my loved ones to Christ (especially my fiance) was a task I took on with all that I had within me. I was on fire for God and I wanted everyone I knew and loved to be on fire for God as well! I had to save their souls! I felt such a sense of urgency that I did incredibly stupid things. Let’s start with how I came to Christ. A local church was giving out free tickets to the movie The Passion of the Christ. I was a single mom, movies were not in the budget, so I...