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Satan’s “What if” Game 0

Satan’s “What if” Game

I bet you are wondering what is Satan’s ‘What if’ game… It’s where Satan will ask “what if” but he doesn’t make it sound like a question, He makes it sound like a fact! I think “Is my husband listening to me?” Satan says “No, cause he doesn’t value you!” Me: What if that’s true and my husband really doesn’t value me? What if he thinks I’m weak and he can just walk all over me? What if he thinks he’d be happier if he wasn’t stuck with me? What if he’s cheating? There’s a little “snowballing” going on in...


Forgiving God?

Forgiving God…is that even something I can say, let alone offer to God? Oftentimes, when people forgive, they forgive mistakes, wrongs done to them, betrayals, broken promises… So who am I to think that I need to forgive God? Especially when… I’m reminded of Job chapter 38, where God says in essence, “Who are you to question me?” https://www.bible.com/search/bible?q=Job%2038:1 (all of this chapter and 39, 40 and 41) If I shouldn’t even question God, me wondering if I could forgive Him seems… blasphemous! But… I know that I can talk to my Father about all things… So, I did… I...


She Won’t Forgive

She won’t forgive me for the wrongs I’ve done…now what? Last Sunday, I asked God to search my heart and show me if there was something left unsettled, someone I needed to ask forgiveness for… He revealed to me that there was such a person. And the battle in my mind began… Thoughts like; “She was more wrong than I was” “If anyone owes anyone an apology, it’s her!” “After all she’s put me through, You want me to apologize!” The war raged on… I ended up surrendering to God. I wrote to her my truth of the situation, making...