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Day 91: Getting My Steps In

December 6, 2021: Getting your steps in can be difficult! Work days plus no gym days =’s low step days for me. As you guys know based on the overview of my day pictures I post every day. Take December 3’s overview picture for instance: I realized that unless I it was gym day I wasn’t getting my steps, and that equates to four days a week! I have a Versa Fitbit and it alarms every hour to remind me how many steps in I have to meet my goal for the hour. I don’t remember setting an hourly goal,...


Day 90: Let’s Talk Poo

December 5, 2021: Let’s talk poo, yes, you read me correctly. It’s a subject that should come up given how Optavia does not allow for fruits, high fatty foods, or yogurt (which has probiotics that aid in digestive issues AKA pooing.) For the past three days, I have been stalled, on the scale and in the area of pooing. I have not gone three days without a poo, but I feel “full” (I can’t believe I’m doing a post on poo lol) This is such a weird post! lol I also noticed, I haven’t been getting my veggies in, my...