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God Owes Me! 0

God Owes Me!

Once I became a Christian, I’m not going to lie, a part of me believed that “God owes me something!” I mean, I had just become royalty since God became my Father, and He is the King of kings…. so I thought it perfectly rational and logical to think “God owes me!” This is what I’ve learned since then… The only thing God owes me is death for my sins and…. to sweeten the pot…..eternity in Hell. Not quite the inheritance I was thinking of! I also learned that it’s ok to expect God’s blessings, To have the attitude that...


Forgiving God?

Forgiving God…is that even something I can say, let alone offer to God? Oftentimes, when people forgive, they forgive mistakes, wrongs done to them, betrayals, broken promises… So who am I to think that I need to forgive God? Especially when… I’m reminded of Job chapter 38, where God says in essence, “Who are you to question me?” https://www.bible.com/search/bible?q=Job%2038:1 (all of this chapter and 39, 40 and 41) If I shouldn’t even question God, me wondering if I could forgive Him seems… blasphemous! But… I know that I can talk to my Father about all things… So, I did… I...