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How Can the Bible Be True? 0

How Can the Bible Be True?

I have asked “How can the Bible be true, after all, it was written by humans and humans are imperfect.” In fact, people make mistakes all the time! How can I be sure that mistakes weren’t made when men were writing down what God told them to write down? (No “dig” towards men intended.) How do I know that they didn’t add a little something in Esther… Or Decide not to write down something God told them to include over in Matthew? I can tell you first hand, how God answered “How can the Bible be true” question for me…...

You Feed Them 0

You Feed Them

You feed them was Jesus’s reply to His disciples when they tried to tell Him how to care for His people. I laugh everytime I read it! I’m not sure if Jesus meant it the way I take it when I read Luke 9:12-14, but I think Jesus was trying to tell them not to question Him about how He takes care of His children. Read these scriptures and tell me if you get a different “feel” for them then I did. https://www.bible.com/search/bible?query=Luke%209:12 It seems to me that Jesus was saying “If you don’t agree with how I care for...

Satan’s “What if” Game 0

Satan’s “What if” Game

I bet you are wondering what is Satan’s ‘What if’ game… It’s where Satan will ask “what if” but he doesn’t make it sound like a question, He makes it sound like a fact! I think “Is my husband listening to me?” Satan says “No, cause he doesn’t value you!” Me: What if that’s true and my husband really doesn’t value me? What if he thinks I’m weak and he can just walk all over me? What if he thinks he’d be happier if he wasn’t stuck with me? What if he’s cheating? There’s a little “snowballing” going on in...