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Day 85: Reflecting

November 30, 2021: Reflecting on the past three months of my weight loss journey… about. I can see a huge difference in my face! It’s not only tan now, but it’s slimmer, not as round! I also don’t look as wide across the shoulders. I don’t have any full body pictures of when I started with Optavia…I didn’t take many pictures back then! But… I promise I will have before and after pictures going forward! I’m a little selfie-obsessed now lol. Then: I hated the fuelings I lived to eat! I was hungry all the time I thought the fuelings...


Day 60: Reflections

November 5, 2021: Reflections: looking back over the past SIXTY days (can’t believe it’s been that long!) I’m seeing myself differently! Picture taken Nov. 4th I can really tell a difference in my face! And… I can now see my collarbone! My lower “pouch” (part of my tummy) isn’t as big either! What? That’s so….cool! My aerobic fitness is back, and it didn’t take me as long as I thought it would to get back! I’m in smaller sizes of shirts, jeans are still fitting though-dang my thunder thighs! lol I’m feeling so much better! More energetic, more in control...