Weight Loss Page

Weight Loss Page 

Hi! I’m Raynee. This page is about weight loss and this is me: 


I have recently become 50 years old-wow! I am a trying-to-honor-God Christian, a wife to a husband I do not deserve, a mother to two amazing adult children, a Mimi (AKA grandmother) to seven awesome grandbabies, a Licensed Professional Counselor, proud owner of 2nd Chances Counseling Agency, and a woman who has struggled with my weight for approximately four decades!  

I am also an Optavia coach because this is the only program I’ve tried that has 1) resulted in my losoing a pound a day (for the first 21 days) and 2) allowed me to master food, instead of allowing food to master me! (In that, I’d obsess about what to have for lunch while I was still eating breakfast!) 

If you want me to be your coach, click this link: 


Disclaimer: I “coach” via this blog and can’t really do a lot of one-on-one coaching. If that doesn’t work for you, (which I totally understand, especially if you need help ordering the food)  

I highly recommend Tara as a coach, and the link for her is: 


This blog puts my weight loss journey out there for all to see, the good (weight losses), the bad (weight gains) and the ugly (morning weigh-ins before make-up application lol)  

You will also hear reference to my “inner Fatty.” Everyone has one, even skinny people!  

An inner Fatty is the voice inside our head that discourages exercise of any kind, promotes vigorously eating fast food meals for most if not all meals, screams for sweets, wants and feels entitled to the last soda, and above all else puts own wants above anyone elses.  

It includes articles that have helped me understand issues I’ve encountered while losing weight in a way that I could actually understand the issues I’ve had. 

My hope is that you will join me on my weight loss journey! That you will be motivated, encouraged to not give up, and that you will feel like you are not alone on your weight loss journey! 

It begins with me receiving my first Optavia delivery and unpacking of my “feulings” and follows me on my still-happening weight loss journey. Click this link to see footage of my first impression of Optavia:


Let the journey begin!