Day 28: Symptom Substitution

October 4, 2021: Symptom substitution is when a person substitutes something bad (over eating) for something else bad (smoking) as a means of stopping the first behavior (over eating.)

Symptom substitution is a Freudian term that describes someone who got fixated, in my case, at the oral stage of development, hence my past overeating and current smoking addiction.

In a nut shell, Freud would say that I did not successfully progress through this stage, and that’s how I got fixated.

It could’ve been worse, there is an…well, let’s just say other worse stages of development I could have gotten fixated at.

I know you’re going to look up those stages now! lol

The Rational-emotive perspective would say that until I work through my underlying issues, I will always substitue symptoms.

I’m a therapist, what do I say?

I say I’m an idiot who knows better lol

But knowing better, doesn’t mean doing better though!

No, I’m not beating myself up, I’m just able to call something stupid I’m doing… stupid lol

Did I mention that I’m a Cognitive behavioral therapist (CBT)?

Basically, that means I don’t focus too much on the past or what may have caused my addictions, I’ll focus on changing my behaviors-after changing my thoughts about the behaviors first that is 😉

But, it is super interesting that the substitution I chose entails repetitive hand-to-mouth action (bringing the cigarette to my mouth) as was the case with overeating, hand-to-mouth repetitive action (taking bites of food).

I found a good article on the suject of CBT-shocker, I know!

Have you found that you’ve substituted overeating with another behavior good or bad?

If so, drop a comment below, let me know I’m not alone in this!

Wow, this post is HEAVY!

Next post will be about puppies or something else cute and encouraging I promise!

If you need an encouraging post now (who would blame you lol), click the link below:

My weigh in picture, geesh, I almost forgot!

Total weight lost to date: 19 pounds-what happened?

How did I gain two pounds overnight?

I didn’t even get the chance to celebrate reaching my goal! lol

Oh well, tomorrow’s another day and I will not allow the scale to get me down!

(That’s something only a good coach would say, so if you want me to be your coach, click here:)

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