Day 29: Best Efforts

October 5, 2021: Sometimes it may seem like your best efforts aren’t always good enough:

Total weight lost to date: 18 pounds

I gained ANOTHER pound overnight?

That’s insane! (Said while I’m frantically looking over my food diary to make sure I haven’t gone off the program lol)

Ok, I’ve been eating clean so I’m not going to freak out about the one pound, I mean three pounds gained in the last two days.

My best efforts are always good enough, no matter the results.

But, what about when they aren’t? (No, this isn’t going to be another discouraging, or heavy post lol)


Your best efforts are just that, your very best.

There’s nothing more you could’ve given or done.

It just is… what it is sometimes.

So, I won’t get discouraged about the scale and neither should you!

See, even the authors of this article agree with me!

I said in the past if weighing in every day becomes discouraging to me, I’d quit doing them, but I’m going to keep doing them because I’ve learned that scale lies!

Besides, I’m seeing other benefits;

  • my cardio’s better, I can go longer and harder now
  • my clothes fit better, no more red, angry, itchy marks on my stomach!
  • I have energy
  • I don’t experience great hunger through-out my day
  • I’m actually enjoying the fuelings now (never thought I’d say that!)
  • my moods are stable (menopause is something else let me tell you) and perhaps most importantly
  • I don’t let the scale have power over me!

I like the last one the best as it means I have finally stopped allowing the numbers on the scale to ruin my day, to master me!

If you want to learn about what, or rather Who does master me, click the link below:

Person of Honor

Hi! I'm Raynee. I am a Christian, a licensed professional counselor, a wife to a husband I do not deserve-cause he's so wonderful, a mother of two amazing adult children I couldn't be more proud of, and a grandmother AKA Mimi of seven absolutely adorable grandbabies. I am also an Optivia coach, a writer, a speaker, and most importantly (second to being a Christian that is) I am a woman of integrity and honor.

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