Day 32: Decision Has Been Made

October 8, 2021: The decision to stay on Optavia while on vacation or not to has been a tough one to make.

Me deep in thought lol

But…. the decision has been made….

I will…

be staying on Optavia!

I’ve packed 50 fuelings (five a day for the ten days I’ll be on vacation).

Yep, I’m doing this!

Today’s weigh in picture:

Total weight lost to date: 19.8 pounds

Not sure how accurate it is as I didn’t wear my usual weigh-in clothes (AKA my pajamas) because I packed them!

I am super excited!

We’ll be leaving for the airport soon and I’m so grateful, I still can’t believe I’m going on a cruise to Mexico!

Just so know, I plan on taking so many pictures that you feel like you are on the cruise with me!

Look at that smile!

Our handsome son is driving us to the airport-yes I have a picture of that that too!

Going to the airport!

Here is a picture of my family’s breakfast and mine…

I got this!

And…we’re off!

Los Angeles here we come!

Of course Bubba is accompanying me on this trip!

Couldn’t leave Bubba behind!

Family went to Subway for lunch, I stayed at the hotel in Los Angeles and had Optavia chile!

I’m not feeling too deprived by not eating the same thing my family is, but maybe a little left out?

On 2nd thought: I get to watch what I want to watch on tv, I get to videotape our hotel suite, and…. I’m on vacation!

Life is good and I feel good about making the decision to stay on Optavia!

Tonight’s dinner:

Shrimp salad minus dressing

It was the bomb! So good and filling.

I think this was a great lean and green meal. I can’t be sure, because I didn’t bring my food scale, but I feel like I have a pretty good idea of what constitutes a lean and green meal now.

Know what else I didn’t bring? My weigh-in scale!

Yikes! There goes my daily weigh-ins at least for the next ten days. :/

We board the cruise ship tomorrow and I can’t wait!

If a cruise sounds like something you need, you can check out Carnival cruises here:

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