Day 34: Food and More Food

October 10, 2021: Food is everywhere! Right outside our stateroom, one deck below our hangout spot, and available 24 hours a day!

Yesterday I decided three things:

  • 1) I will only take the elevator when I’m going up, when I’m going down I will take the stairs and
  • 2) If I’m on track to hit 10,000 steps each cruise day then I will eat an additional lean and green meal.
  • 3) I will walk a mile on the ship’s walking track (ok ok it’s really a jogging track geesh get me on a technicality!)

I’m hoping doing this will help, not with me feeling deprived-because I don’t feel that way, but I’ll be able to join my family for lunch and dinner rather than just dinner.

I’ll still be doing breakfast on my own though:

Good morning! Coffee, 2 packets of Equal

Remember yesterday when I told you I would show you all the food..

But wait!

There’s more…

Did you notice my husband eating an ice cream cone in the background? The struggle is real guys! lol

Food and more food, everywhere I look!

I was walking my daily mile, being good, minding my own business when…

I decided something else… (oh Lord!)

What? It’s not my fault, who puts a Guy’s hamburger bar right below the walking track? It’s all their fault (Mask of Blaming Others) Don’t judge me lol

I’ve got to get away from the food, get my mind on something else..

I found something else to think about:

Look what God did!

I’m blown away by the vastness of the ocean!

I knew (head knowledge) that the ocean was big, but now I have heart knowledge and that makes it way more…real to me and way more impressive!

I can’t tell you how many times today I’ve said “God, look what You’ve done!”

As if He didn’t know lol

If cruising with Carnival is something you think you’d enjoy (who wouldn’t???) click the link below:

If you’d like to hear more about what God has done, click this link:

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