Day 35: The First Formal Dinner

October 11, 2021: Last night was the first formal dinner and it was AMAZING!

This is my favorite picture of my mom and I so far on this cruise:

Momma and me

Here is a picture of all five of us after the first formal dinner:

All of us! Thank you kind stranger for taking this picture!

The three of us at dinner:

More pictures of us on the stairway between deck 10 and 11 (perfect lighting!)

Wouldn’t let me shrink this picture down!

Later that evening we went to the Piano bar:

Nice way to end our evening!

Day 2 of our cruise: in the books!

Now, for today, day 3 of our cruise (remember those were the pictures from last night)

I look like a psycho and what’s with the head tilt at the end? lol

A tour of the place that mocks me, tempts me and drives me insane!

Guy’s Hamburger Joint got me so flustered I called it a taco bar in the video!

Today husband and I hit the waterpark on deck 12:

He loves me!

There was even more smooching..

Took a break from all the smooching to talk to YOU!

My lunch and my husband’s lunch: (my 2nd lean and green meal because I’m on track to hit my 10,000 steps goal)

I think mine looks better!

Here is my dinner-brought up to deck 11 to eat while watching a movie!

Chicken, cheese (probably too much cheese) and a salad

And for your viewing pleasure…

And one more!

Ready to book a cruise yet? I’ll post the link here you know, just so you don’t have to do a google search 😉

For tomorrow’s post, click the link below:

Person of Honor

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