Day 38: Riding Camels

October 14, 2021: Today we will be riding camels in Cabo San Lucas!

brown camel on brown soil
Photo by Arralyn on

Here’s a sneak peak of Cabo:

The boat ride from our ship to Cabo:

Pulling away from the Panorama…

Setting foot in Cabo!

Getting ready to board the bus that will take us to the camels!

The 45 minute drive in Cabo…

Driving along the coastline in Cabo!

We’ve arrived and…I see camels!

Your girl is ready to ride a camel!

How cute am I?

I looked adorable on the camel I rode with my momma, but you’ll have to take my word for it, because they wanted $160 for them to transfer the pictures they took to my cell phone!

But lunch ocean-side was pretty sweet!

Riding camels was a greater workout than one might imagine! Holding on while you’re tipped sideways requires great human strength! lol

The ride back to the ship was uneventful, but once on the boat that transported us back to the Panorama there were amazing pictures to be had!

And since I cannot NOT share them with you, here you go…

Reminds me of a scene from the movie Goonies!

I even seen a pirate ship!

The shoreline as we begin to pull away from Caba….

Bye Cabo!

Remember how there wasn’t any protein I could have at the ocean-side hacienda/camel riding excursion…

After lunch, I relaxed, starred at the amazing ocean (I think I’m in love), then relaxed some more before realizing…

It’s time to get ready for our second formal dinner!

Husband and I at dinner
They sang the most amazing version of Happy birthday to me!

My cupcake…yes I had to eat a couple of bites, I couldn’t be rude!


Husband and I post formal dinner #2, out on a desserted deck, so we…

Took pictures, what did you think I was going to say? Hmmmmm?

Clowning around 🙂

Husband and I…I had his TOTAL attention lol (rolling my eyes)

Someone must have said “squirrel” lol

To experience “camel riding” in Mexico book the excursion through (you guessed it):

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