Day 41: Dieting While on Vacation

October 17, 2021: Dieting while on vacation is tough! But, not impossible.

As my vacation comes to an end (we fly home tomorrow) I find myself thinking about my choices I’ve made while on vacation.

I’m pretty happy with them!

I proved to myself I could strictly stay on Optavia (first five days of my vacation), then mostly stay on Optavia without any guilt.

Oh yeah, good morning!

How about some pictures of the beautiful ocean in Los Angeles?

This little guy came and say “Hi” all through-out the day today!

I also used him to play a prank on my momma!

I set a slice of watermelon on the balcony railing, removed a chunk of it and told my mom that the hummingbird took the piece of watermelon back to his nest!

I didn’t think she bought it until I heard her telling my brother on the phone about it. lol

Since I didn’t want her to tell anyone else and have them thinking a hummingbird could lift five times it’s weight if watermelon was involved, I came clean 🙂

I got a video of my prank partner:

Today is a lazy day!

Sitting on the balcony, looking out at the ocean-will I ever get enough of it?

I don’t think so.

I need to move to Hawaii! (Husband groaning “Not that kick again”)

I’ve never been to Hawaii so that could be why he’s not taking me seriously lol.


I will be going to Hawaii in March for a trauma conference, I may even be presenting. I’ll find out late December.

Yep, more traveling in my future.

I feel like I’m better prepared in terms of finding a happy medium with Optavia while traveling.

No, I don’t have any regrets about cheat day-other than the french toast…I regret that!

So, if you go on vacation and you’re not sure if you want to strictly do Optavia, might I suggest you mostly do Optavia…happy medium.

Or, if there is something you want…(Guy’s hamburger) work for it.

Walk a mile, get your steps in, find active things to do.

Then eat that cheeseburger with a big ole smile on your face like I did!

I found an article that I LOVE about dieting while on vacation (I would have liked to have found this before I left for my cruise lol.)

But, I found that I actually put a lot of the tips in place without having read the article!

Perhaps the best tip in the article is to relax! Enjoy your vacation!

I really liked how it pointed out that I had lost weight prior to my cruise, so I know I can lose any weight I’ve gained once my vacation is over.

I still haven’t weighed in, so I’m not even sure how much we’re talking about having to lose…


I know I will lose it!

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