Day 42: Plot Twist

October 18, 2021: I was awoken at 5:00 A.M. by a notification on my phone that informed me our flights home had been canceled. Talk about a plot twist!

As husband and I are scrambling trying to find other flights that will get us home, I took a break and also took some amazing pictures:

Did you guys notice how much darker blue the sky became just in the moments it took that ship to move forward.

God is so amazing!

Back to the plot twist saga…

We called, googled, and searched; planes, trains, automobile and even a bus to get us home.

Ruled out… airplane-nothing available on that short of notice that didn’t cost five times more than our original tickets cost, train would take two days and the bus…three days-on a bus? No way!


ROAD TRIP it is!

Preparing to drive home!
Everyone’s ready!

Everyone was a little…unexcited about our plot twist, so I tried to get them to sing along with me a positive, happy song…

Did you notice their lack of participation? How about the looks of aggravation? lol

I’ve learned God is going to yell “Plot twist” at different times in my life. Instead of freaking out about them, or worrying about them, I try to embrace them.


If I don’t, I could end up being aggravated, upset, angry and none of those emotions would change the situation I would be in.

Well, that’s not true!

Negative emotions make something that sucks, suck more!

The situation itself was sucky enough without me adding in my negativity!

I found an article that not only supports my positivity, but it says I’ll live longer because of it!

So, when life throws challenges, changes, and delays just yell “Plot twist!” and embrace the new adventure presented to you!

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Person of Honor

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