Day 52: I Miss Fatty

October 28, 2021: As I settle in to my new way of life. I find that I miss Fatty.

Optavia has become for me, a way of life. Rarely, do I think about or want Taco Bell, McDonald’s, or any other fast food.

Rarely hear from Fatty anymore.

I’m a little sad about that, as she’s been with me for years, a constant companion…

Even though she was demanding, critical, and tempted me at every turn… (as I type this, I’m wondering do I really miss Fatty? lol)

When did I stop hearing from her?

Why did I just now realize she’s been gone?

Exactly how long has she been gone?

Or is she gone?

I think our inner Fatty’s can be good or evil.

Evil when Fatty is tempting us, talking us out of a work out, prophesizing failure over our dieting attempts, demanding high fat-sweet-high-caloric-great-tasting-foods, and telling us that we should always get what we want, when we want it.


Good when Fatty is reminding us to drink enough water, get enough sleep, get our steps in, eat healthy, engage in self care activities and reminding us that it’s ok to put ourselves first once in a while.

I don’t think Fatty was “born” evil, I think I created her to be evil when I would eat for comfort, (emotional eating) or when I wold enjoy always laying around as the only way for me “relax” instead of realizing that physical activity is relaxing as well!

I think Fatty thought of dieting as me coming at her with chains with the intent of chaining her up in the basement and depriving her of ALL good stuff.

Caging her, torturing her…

And that’s why she tried to sabotage every weight loss effort I gave…

If Fatty didn’t put up a fight, it meant whe would be allowing me to chain her up and she didn’t want to go quietly into the dark basement-who can blame her?

Maybe, inner Fatty’s don’t have to be chained up, or deprived of unhealthy foods…

Maybe, inner Fatty’s just need to be tamed- without the use of excessive force, chains, and dark basements.

I wonder if the reason healthy-weighted people don’t have to diet is because they’ve learned how to tame (rather than imprison) their inner Fatty’s.

After all, most skinny people don’t diet:

I liked how the article appeared to say that healthy-weighted people don’t do strict diets (no chaining up their inner Fatty’s), but that they are “conscious of what they ate” (taming rather than chaining their inner Fatty’s?)

If I can figure out a way to tame my inner Fatty, rather than lock her away, then I wouldn’t have to miss Fatty. Hmmm

What do you guys think?

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Today’s weigh-in:

I will alternate between weigh-in pictures and weigh-in videos so you don’t get bored lol Total weight lost to date: 25.2 pounds!

I still haven’t gotten my Optavia order, going to have to look into that cause your girl is getting tired of eating “Zesty lemon” fuelings lol.

Since, I’ve been eating a lot of those…

Spotlight Fueling:

Taste: it’s a little too sweet. Texture: good, I like the crispiness of it. Appearance: good.

Please keep in mind that my review of the Zesty lemon crisp bar could be tainted by the number of times I’ve eaten it this past and current week! lol

An overview of my day:

Pitiful lol

If you’d like to read tomorrow’s post, click the link below:

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