Day 54: Date Night Without Food?

October 30, 2021: Ok, so last night I used date night as an excuse to eat off program.

How could I have enjoyed date night without food?

I found out how!

According to this article I found (I LOVE google!):

I could have; taken dance lessons, went skating (I’d either kill or seriously injure myself), gone bowling, played a game, did yoga for two (tried that, not doing that again!), visited a museum (once you’ve been to the museums in Washington D.C. local museums just won’t do it for you), sang karaoke (hmmm) took a cooking class (I don’t cook) or volunteered (sounds like work lol)

See how I trashed each and every suggestion?

Fatty made me. (Mask of Blaming Others)

If you want to read more about the Masks, click the link below:

So now that I vetoed other good suggestions, I feel obligated to come up with a few of my own!

Date night without food..could have included; going to the driving range-I really enjoyed that!

Or, climbing a tree lol

Or even going bowling, I don’t mind blowling.

Or, we could’ve went and played pool-see if your girl really does have skills or if that day on the cruise ship was a one-time event lol.

We could have gone for a drive, taken couple pictures in the mountains (that are twenty minutes away), gone for a hike in said mountains lol.

We could’ve watched a movie, and I could have even had popcorn because Optavia makes an amazing popcorn snack…

Which leads me to…

Spotlight fueling (snack)

The “Sharp cheddar and sour cream popcorn” is really a snack, not a fueling, but I count it as a fueling (do as I’m supposed to do, not as I do lol)


Tastes: Super good! Texture: Great cruch! Appearance: Looks like popcorn!

The only bad thing, is not a lot in there-probably why it’s listed as a snack and not a fueling

And why it’s 70 calories rather than 100 like the fuelings are.

Today’s weigh-in:

Total weight lost to date: 25 pounds!

An overview of my day:

That’s more like it!

Person of Honor

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