Day 57: Gym Break

November 2, 2021: Gym break, not for one week, but for three!

Did a three- week “break” from the gym sabotage my aerobic fitness level?

Me deep in thought lol

I say “Heck yeah it did” and I can say that because I was the one gasping on the treadmill!

But, what does livestrong have to say on the matter?

I knew it! It says:

“According to a December 2013 study in the journal Medicina Sportiva, muscle mass does not deteriorate until two to three weeks post-training and cardio reductions are most significant in the three- to the eight-week range.”

See, three-week range, I should’ve returned to the gym last week! lol

I’m looking forward to the part where, according to the article, I will “settle right back into an exerice routine and can essentially resume activity in the same manner as before the week (in my case, three weeks) off.”

Especially since I could only handle an incline of 4 rather than 6 today!

But hey, you’re girl looked good heading back to the gym yesterday:

Yes, I am totally sucking in the gut!

I found some great coffee creamers (not Optavia approved), well, one of them is great-I haven’t tried the Cinnamon swirl yet!

Nutty flavored!

Only bad thing about the Hazelnut creamer is it’s only good for seven days once you open it. Other than that, it’s pretty good…better (for me nutrition-wise) than my Silk Pumpkin unsweetened creamer, but I love the taste of that one too, so it’s not going anywhere!

Today’s weigh-in video:

Total weight lost to date: 25.4 pounds

For no other reason, than your viewing pleasure here is how I get my grandson to take his medicine:

A Mimi’s got to do what a Mimi’s got to do!

When I proudly told my son I got Joshie to take his medication while my son was at the store, he calmly said “you gave it to him six hours early mom.”

I guess I should have read ALL of the directions, not just the dosage! Yikes :/

An overview of my day:


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