Day 58: Is Optavia a Good Weight Loss Program?

November 3, 2021: In answering the question; “Is Optavia a good weight loss program?” I feel I should explain why it took until day 58 for me to ask that question lol. I was also losing a pound a day for nearly three weeks!

Hey, I just realized I’ve been on Optavia for two months and one day!

How about that! Well, I guess it really is high time I asked that question huh? lol

Remember in one of my earlier posts (I went back and looked, it’s on Day 2) I listed my doctor’s support of Optavia because it’s a “cousin” of Medifast?

Anyway, I researched best diet programs for fast weight loss and guess who made the list?

That’s right Optavia is a good weight loss program! (See, I’m not incredibly irresponsible after all!)

If you click on the Optavia #28 ranking, it’ll take you to another article about Optavia that is very informative. (I tried to get that link, but it’s the same link as above.)

The studies done were Medifast studies, but as the article points out, Optavia is based on all the same nutritional ingredients.

So, Optavia and Medifast are one in the same, is how I’m looking at it.

I printed it out and will be highlighting some things for you guys, and contrasting their research findings with my own personal experience. Be back soon lol

So, the first thing that jumped out at me is that “On averge, clients lose about 12 pounds in 12 week on the Optavia Plan.”

Well……not quite, cause I’ve lost:

Today’s weigh-in picture:

Total weight lost to date: 26.4 One whole pound…overnight!

Twenty-six point four pounds in 8 weeks and one day!


Thats with:

  • A Five day break (last part of my vacation)
  • Cheat meals occurring ever so often and…
  • Me not even doing the program right! (my add ins, not reading the books…so I didn’t know about the healthy fats…thing.)

Ok, so what else will the article say to make me sound like the BEST coach candidate out there? Let’s see… lol

The article lists the pros as: Optavia is nutritionally sound and that there’s no counting carbs, points, calories, fats, etc..

It lists the cons as: Bars and powdered, just-add-water and “might be tough to stick to.” I agree with both of the cons, I never, and will never believe you can “drink” a meal-neither will Fatty ever accept liquid as food lol.


I shared with you guys (very explicitly, I might add) how difficult the first week was.


If you can get through that first week, the fuelings do start tasting better!

What else?

The article provided numerous research studies, but two of them really stood out to me:

In both studies involving long-term weight loss… all of the participants regained more weight than their counter parts. πŸ™

In one of the study’s, Medifast (Optavia) dieters had regained more than 10 pounds twenty-four weeks after gradually upping their calories, whereas other dieters had gained back two pounds.

In the other study, The Medifast (Optavia) group, after 86 weeks had regained all but 3 pounds of their original weight loss.

Ok, knowledge is power!

So what am I going to do to make sure I do not replicate these studies?

I’m glad you asked πŸ˜‰

I’m going to continue to order Optavia fuelings to use as my snacks even when I’ve lost all the weight I want to lose (even after I’ve completed Optavia’s 4 & 2 meal plan) and I will be continuing to do daily weigh-ins so that I’m immediately aware if I start regaining my weight!


I’m going to prove them wrong!

So, if you want me to be your coach, you know what to do!

Your girl killing it at the gym!

An overview of my day:


Gym days seem to almost garuntee I’ll hit my 10,000 daily steps goal! Well they gym and 4640 that is!

If you want to read tomorrow’s post:

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