Day 59: Lost Optavia Order

November 4, 2021: Update on my lost Optavia order: It has been found!

Update on my lost Otavia order: Part 1

Update video on my Optavia order: Part 2

So, to reiterate…my lost Optavia order has been found! Yeahhhhh!

Today’s weigh in picture:

Total weight lost to date: 28.6 holding, didn’t lose, but I didn’t gain either!

Tonight my oldest grandbaby is coming to spend the night with me!

I’m so excited!

Every minute spent with her is a blessing! (Yes, she really is that awesome! lol)

I took her to dinner at Red Lobster because I felt comfortable I could find some type of grilled fish on the menu!


Sure enough, I did:

Grilled Trout, broccoli and….
a salad!

I thought the fish would be Salmon-which you all know is ok with me!

But , it was Trout; a very nice change!

I can’t remember the last time I had Trout!

These two pictures equal’s one healthy lean and green meal eaten out at a restaurant!

I looked (and found) Optavia’s eating out at restaurant guide:

It’s 86 pages long-you’ve been warned lol

Good food choices are given for restaurants such as: Red Robin, Chile’s, IHOP, Texas Roadhouse, (Red Lobster’s on there too!), Olive Garden, Outback Steakhouse, Johnny Rockets, Golden Corral, Denny’s, Cracker Barrel, Buffalo Wild Wings, Bob Evans, and… Applebee’s!

See what happens when you read/research you acquire knowledge!

Dinner video:

Best dinner date…. ever! Can I shoot ONE video without food stuck in the same tooth???

A cuddle picture before bed:

My love!

An overview of my day:

Eh, not too bad!

If you want to read tomorrow’s post, you know what to do!

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Hi! I'm Raynee. I am a Christian, a licensed professional counselor, a wife to a husband I do not deserve-cause he's so wonderful, a mother of two amazing adult children I couldn't be more proud of, and a grandmother AKA Mimi of seven absolutely adorable grandbabies. I am also an Optivia coach, a writer, a speaker, and most importantly (second to being a Christian that is) I am a woman of integrity and honor.

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