Day 65: Tub Hauling

November 10, 2021: Today is tub hauling day, not hot tubbing day lol. I have seven tubs stock full of Christmas decorations and… a box of Santa, literally, he’s in pieces.

Christmas decorations!

And… still more tubs:

Decorations, decorations, and more decorations!

The process of tub hauling involves the following steps:

All of these tubs have to be loaded up-2 at a time as that’s all that will fit in my backseat.

Then carried up two flights of stairs…

Then unloaded…

Then sorted….

And then a place has to be made for each item according to color…

Then decorated….

Then a list of items I need to purchase to complete the decorating needs to be made…

And then…

Decorating for Christmas will be done!

Whew, I’m tired just typing out what needs to be done lol

Can’t wait to see my fitbit step count at the end of this day!

Whoever said decorating isn’t a workout, has not done it right lol

Hey…decorating as a workout, can it be true?

Let’s see… google here I come!

While I didn’t find decorating as a workout, I did find an article that listed cleaning as a workout and it had some other fun ideas for non-traditional workouts:

I like hiking, but I don’t do it nearly often enough…a couple of summers ago, you could only find me on the mountain if I was working out.

Nowadays, I work out at Planet Fitness-which you’ve probably figured out as their name is on my workout summary pictures I post lol.

Today’s weigh-in video:

Total weight lost to date: 29 pounds uggggggh!

My workout summary:

Yeah buddy!

I haven’t highlighted any fuelings in awhile, and I’ve ordered some new bars, and an oatmeal.

First tip, never smell the new stuff before you eat it. (If you do, you probably won’t eat it!)

I’ve noticed that none of the bars or oeatmeals smell very appetizing.

The Apple and Cinnamon Spiced Oatmeal Review…

Not good, not even with 2 extra packets of Equal, added cinnaom and sprayed with spray butter.

It tastes like paste and that’s the texture of it too (don’t judge me, a lot of kids ate paste, I wasn’t the only one lol)

I was able to get it down so there’s that.

See, I’m encouraging lol

Over view of my day:

See! Your girl killed it today! Tub hauling the next Olympic event!

If you want to read tomorrow’s post, click the link below:

Person of Honor

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