Day 66: Tree Is Done

November 11, 2021: My tree is done!

It went from this…
to this…

I am so glad to have the tree done!

I had to unstring twelve strands of lights, remove garland and find the burnt out bulb.

Then, I restrung them (with my brother’s help, thank you brother!)

Then there was an issue with my tree topper…


Off to Walmart I went!

And found this beautiful silver start that shoots shadows on my ceiling….

PERFECT, keeps me entertained for hours lol.


I am super happy with the results!

Scratch that off my to-do list!

Yep, zebra decorations!

Also, look who now has a waist (when I suck it in and dig my right hand into my side lol)

That is not an expression of surprise, it’s one of pain lol

Daily weigh-in video:

Total weight lost to date: 30.6 pounds wooooohoooooooo!

So, now that I’m back on track and losing weight again (lost 1.6 pounds over night! BAM!)

Guess what I’m doing…

Creating my CHEAT DAY list for Thanksgiving…

Yes, I really am!

It’s kind of morphed…

Into more of a battle plan…

I should be ashamed huh? Well, I’m not!

I feel like I’ve earned this cheat day!

I WANT a cheat day, so I found an article (I had to read alot of them before I found one that supported cheat days, just putting that out there)


I stopped reading after “Splurging also can satisfy those inevitable cravings, helping you stay on track long-term.”


There’s my husband who keeps reminding me that I’ve never cheated like I’m planning on cheating.

He says things like; “Are you trying to gain ten pounds?” (Who are you mister to talk to me about gaining weight-the Voice of Reason???)

I quickly replied “Three…I’m planning on gaining three pounds.” (So there! In my mind, I was sticking my tongue out at him.)

But with him…and the article…I’m sort of having second thoughts.

My weight loss has been stalled, or slow before today’s weigh-in…maybe I shouldn’t chance it.

Hmmmm… what to do, what to do?

My decision has been made…

I’ll post more later, I have to call Dominoes!

(Like you really thought I’d re-think Cheat Day! You saw my list!)

If you want to read tomorrow’s post, click the link below:

Almost forgot:

Workout summary picture: (See your girl is killing it!)

An overview of my day:

See how hard I’ve been working? I deserve a cheat day!

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