Day 67: Ordering Last Decorating Items

November 12, 2021: Today I will be ordering the last decorating items I need in order for my Christmas decorations to be completely done!

Ok, yeah…it is a little hard to believe that out of the seven tubs and one box of Christmas decorations, I still need anything, but I do!

I need Christmas pillow covers (I no longer buy the Christmas throw pillows for $20 each on average, I now buy pillow covers!)

The pillow covers take up a lot less room to store!

Also, I need a gold table runner… yes it is a need! here I come!

Note: I use so that a portion of my purchases benefits Wounded Warriors (which I gladly support, as it’s my honor to do so…and the least I can do.)

I love Amazon, they make ordering last decorating items easy and it doesn’t ever take long for me to get them! (They are due to arrive in a week.)

Today’s weigh-in picture:

Total weight lost to date: 30 pounds. Just creating a cheat day list yesterday made me gain 6 ounces!

I still have to “wrap” my doors, figure out what to do with my blue items-they don’t fit my color scheme, and complete my gold area-I need the table runner I ordered first lol.

For those of you who are hating on me for decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving, know this…according to an article in travel and leisure (not sure exactly what makes them experts in knowing when to decorate, but they support my stance… lol)

I’m happier for doing so:

I like how the article discussed nostagia and how decorating creates excitement for things to come!

I’m just “extending the season of excitement!” I love that!

I need to share this article with my husband, he let me decorate early, but secretly believes I’m crazy for doing so, I just know it! lol

My workout summary:

An overview of my day:

Your girl is killing it!

If you want to read tomorrow’s post, click the link below:

Person of Honor

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