Day 68: Door Decorations Are Done!

November 13, 2021: Using wrapping paper for door decorations is an awesome idea! Look how great they turned out:

So cute!

In addition to wrapping paper, I used a whole lot of tape!

The ribbon and bows I repurposed from my kitchen cabinets last year (lots of cutting and piecing them together lol.)

Super easy way to decorate doors for Christmas! (If you’re good with a stepladder and with holding your tongue in a fixed position for ten minutes at a time lol.)

Pintrest offered quite a few ideas for how to spruce up your doors if you’re interested, click the link below:

The biggest reason I like using wrapping paper is because it made it easy to match my colors!

Door decorations are done!

Next on my to-do list: figure out what to do with my blue decorations!

My daily weigh-in video::

Total weight lost to date: 31 pounds! That’s better!

Remember guys, don’t let the scale determine if you’re going to be happy or sad. You’ve seen how my weight loss has fluctuated daily on this weight loss journey.

Hey, maybe I’ll do a list of my daily weights…a quick reference for you if you start feeling defeated by the number on the scale.

What do you think, would that be helpful?

If so, drop a comment below.

An overview of my day:

Not too good today 🙁

Ok, so maybe decorating would not be a good Olympic event…


I’m not ruling out….

Cleaning and tub hauling!

If you want to read tomorrow’s post, click the link below:

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