Day 71: Chocolate Houses?

November 16, 2021: They now have chocolate houses you can buy instead of yucky gingerbread ones-what?

My two adorable house builders and grandbabies; Shania and Brooklynn

I could resist gingerbread houses (who couldn’t), but chocolate ones?

Help me Jesus!

It does seem strange though, not to eat the building materials lol.

In Christmas’s past that was part of the “tradition.”

The good news is though…

You can make new traditions…

And they can be good ones if you have the right people around you!

The crew!

You also need to plan a little bit…

I ate a fueling right before we started.

If I hadn’t eaten one, I may have been tempted to eat some of the rooftop.

Especially when Brookie ate part of it and shared how good it tasted.

The part she bit off did make the roof fit better though!

Building the chocolate house was fun, but nothing was as great as spending time with these two amazing, beautiful granddaughters of mine!

Here’s a video of our work in progress:

Making memories with these two was pretty special as well!


The moment you’ve all been waiting for…

Here it is completely done:

A beautiful chocolate house if I do say so myself!

Here is a video of how to decorate a gingerbread house (I’m guessing you could decorate a chocolate house following these steps as well)

They show you a very ingenius way to decorate a gingerbread house….

They decorate it before putting it together!

What a great idea!

It sure looked easier than how we did it lol.

Today’s weigh in picture:

Total weight lost to date: 31.8 pounds!

An over view of my day:

Not a good day for steps!

But, it seems the days I have few steps, the more weight I lose.

I guess time will tell if there’s a real correlation there or not lol

If you’d like to read tomorrow’s post, click here:

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