Day 72: Dancing With Santa

November 17, 2021: Dancing with Santa is something I do every year! Now, I’m sharing the event with you!

I think Dancing With the Stars may be in my future, not so sure about Santa though lol

WARNING: If you would rather not see fat rolls, stretch marks, or hear off-key singing, don’t click the play button on the video I’ve decided to also share with you!

You’ve been warned lol

The video has three purposes:

  • To make you laugh (mission accomplished I hope lol)
  • To help you realize you shouldn’t care too much what people think about you
  • To get you to have fun!

Dancing with Santa-or without him, is a great way to exercise and it’s fun!

The article I included in a post a few days back said it was!

And…they are right!

I can’t help but smile when I dance.


Sometimes there’s some laughter going on as well!

You seen how I dance, you know what i’m talking about lol.

Dancing is cardiovascular, but it also makes you work some muscles as well-my thighs were on fire!

Today’s weigh in picture:

Total weight lost to date: 32.9 pounds Nice!

I lost one whole pound overnight not doing one thing differently than I did three days ago when I gained a pound over night lol

Do not let the numbers on the scale mess with your mind.

Stay the course, work the program and the weight will eventually come off…you’ve got 72 days of proof!

Which leads me to ask again if you are ready for me to be your coach?

I don’t follow the program strictly, I add a lot of things, I have cheat days, I went off Optavia when I was on vacation (for 5 days, I did stay on it for 5 days too…so there’s that).

I’m funny, and old…(yeah I’m going to use that one)

If this 50-year-old grandma of seven can lose 32.9 pounds in two and a half months….

What are you waiting for?

Click the link below for me to be your coach, it’s time!

My workout summary for today:

Bam mic drop!

An overview of my day:

Your girl….killing it!

If you want to read tomorrow’s post, click the link below:

Person of Honor

Hi! I'm Raynee. I am a Christian, a licensed professional counselor, a wife to a husband I do not deserve-cause he's so wonderful, a mother of two amazing adult children I couldn't be more proud of, and a grandmother AKA Mimi of seven absolutely adorable grandbabies. I am also an Optivia coach, a writer, a speaker, and most importantly (second to being a Christian that is) I am a woman of integrity and honor.

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