Day 73: Gel Nails Are From The Devil

November 18, 2021: Gel nails are from the devil! Sure they look beautiful, and make you feel sexy and sophisticated…

Until you try to take them off!

There’s is nothing pretty about that!

There was blood, and ripped cuticles, then soaking in acetone for hours and still they cling to my natural nails like stink on poo!

My gel nails and my granddaughter’s gel nails.

The acetone made my natural nails split and burned the nail beds of all my fingers with torn cuticles.

And so incredibly sore!

I was jumping around like I was on fire, waving my hands in the air trying to get relief.


I didn’t cuss, not one foul word came out of my mouth…(we won’t talk about the ones said in my head.)

Why did I do that to myself?

It’s not like I forgot the last time I got gel nails…(years ago for this very reason I might add)

There is just something very awesome about how they look and about how they make us, as women feel.

The polish stays on and stays shiny for weeks!

No chipping, no smudging the nail polish when you get your wallet out to pay for them or when you’re putting on your seat belt!

Gel nails are beautiful, Gel nails are long lasting…

Gel nails are from the devil!

I found an article about the concerns of gel nails (of course I did right?)

My greatest take-away is the author discussed soaking the nails in acetone for ten minutes…

I soaked mine for a half an hour each nail! (How much damage did that cause?)


I still couldn’t get the gel nails off!

I resorted to a nail file and vigorous back and forth filing! (Hence where the blood and torn cuticles came from.)

It was horrible and I was miserable!

All that to say, my baby girl’s Christmas present to me this year (we are scheduled to go December 12th) is a full set of gel nails and a pedicure…

I can’t go through this again!

How to tell her… or, will the allure of gel nails make me forget this traumatic ordeal?

Today’s weigh in video:

My work out summary:

Killed it! Yes!!!

Beautiful picture of the moon I just took:

A little random…I know!

Overview of my day:

Guess the only walking I did today was at the gym lol

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