Day 74: Equal As A Sugar Substitute?

November 19, 2021: I use Equal as a sugar substitute, but should I?

Equal my go-to sweetener

Initially, when I started Optavia I didn’t use any sugar substitutes at all as I didn’t read the books, so I didn’t know that I could lol.

Optavia suggests one packet of Equal a day.

Perhaps because they want to help us change our taste receptors so that we don’t crave sugary snacks?

Or, maybe it’s because sometimes when people use sugar substitutes they view as a “green light” to eat other sugary snacks?

Whatever Optavia’s reasoning, sugar substitutes, at least in the quantity I use them, is not encouraged.

I use 4 packets for every cup of coffee or cup of tea I drink each day.

So in total, I probably use 24-28 packets of Equal a day.

Wow! I had no idea I used that many! Oh well, it’s working for me.

I also use Great Valley drink mixes:

I’ve recently added Grape too!

If something is zero everything; carbs, calories, fats, etc… then I view it as a “free foody item.”

Meaning I don’t limit how much of it I can have.

I researched the pros and cons of using sugar substitutes and found this article:

I was pleased that the article pointed out that I was right about the potential for sugar substitutes to lead to more sugar consumption in other areas of one’s diet.


Since I do Optavia, other than cheat days, there is no likelihood of me thinking I can eat cake since I drank a diet soda lol.

I don’t drink much soda, not even diet soda…for the record.

So…Equal as a sugar substitute?

Is a “Yes” from me!

I also use Cayenne pepper and hot sauce in the chicken soups and pene pastas:

I’ve noticed since starting Optavia, I really like spicy seasonings!

To recap, anything that is zero everything I think is ok to use…weight loss wise.

I haven’t noticed my use of these things negatively impacting my weight anyways.

Today’s weigh in picture:

Total weight lost to date: 32.2 pounds

My workout picture:

Today’s overview of my day picture:

Not too shabby!

If you would like to read tomorrow’s post, click the link below:

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