Day 75: Am I Stress Eating?

November 20, 2021: Am I stress eating is a question I’ve asked myself a time or two when I’ve found myself eating when I wasn’t hungry.

November 25th’s cheat day picture…I knew I wasn’t hungry, yet I kept eating!

Even after asking am I stress eating, I would shrug my shoulders and finish eating whatever it was I had in my hands.

Why, even when I recognized that was what I was doing did I keep doing it?

Food has always been a source of comfort, reward, a friend I could count on to stave off boredom.

Food never judged me, never abandoned me-it was just a couple of feet away from me, it “hit the spot” more times than not.

Maybe that is why I celebrated every success (even weight loss) with food, I rewarded myself with food, I comforted myself with food, I entertained myself with food.

I think it’s safe to say I am an emotional eater.


Knowledge they say is power right?

So why did I keep eating the food even after I realized that I was emotionally eating?

The answer, I believe is because I didn’t have a “back up” plan, so I went to my old reliable “go-to” (food).

I researched, and found an article that suggests replacing emotional eating with more healthy coping strategies:

I like the idea of a food journal that includes a place for you to note your overall mood for the day.

As this would help us recognize triggers, or emotions that we need to have a battle plan for.

For example: If I argue with my husband, and I notice that day I consumed more calories then I could either not argue with him (much better response) or I could be aware that because I argued with him the potential for over eating that day is high.

They say forewarned is forearmed!

Today’s weigh in picture:

Total weight lost to date: 33.8 pounds

Overview picture of my day:


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