Day 81: Post Cheat Day

November 26, 2021: Post cheat day…how much weight did I gain?

Total weight lost to date: 33.2 pounds

I gained 2.6 pounds!

2.6 pounds in one day!

Wowza, that’s a lot lol

Do I regret cheat day?


The only thing I regret is not eating more bread!

In fact…

I need one more piece…just one more!

I should’ve created a plan to get cheat food out of my reach…oopsie 🙂

If you plan a cheat day, you also need to plan getting rid of the prohibited food items or you may end up like me…

Just… one… more!

I’m starting to think that part of weight gain on cheat days is due to my not drinking as much water because…

I’m focused on eating everything I normally can’t lol

So, guess what I did…

Yep, found an article on this very subject lol:

Even though the author doesn’t say some of the weight gain from a cheat day is due to dehydration, he did say…

“After a cheat meal, you may weigh more than usual. It’s not because you have gained fat, but rather because you’ve gained water weight after you ate foods that are higher in carbs and salt. Don’t forget that this weight is temporary.”

Hmmm so I’ve only gained water weight eh? lol

I’ll take it!

(Nope, I still have no regrets post cheat day!)

I am thinking about changing my next cheat day (next month, I have five cheat days planned; four when I’m in Vegas and one on Christmas lol) to…

Cheat meals because there’s so many days I want to cheat next month! lol

But, since I also want to get below 200 pounds, I don’t think five cheat days will help me achieve my goal lol -water weight or not lol

My workout summary: yes, I worked out today lol

Bam! Your girl is back on track to lose all the water weight 😉

Over view of my day:

See, back on track!

If you’d like to read tomorrow’s post, click the link:

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