Day 82: Inner Fatty A Good Girl?

November 27, 2021: Inner Fatty a good girl?



I am not bombarded or blindsided by my Fatty anymore.

But, I can assure you, she is alive and well!

She rears her head from time to time, the last time being when she tried to talk me out of picking up trash at Walmart.

She is a lot quieter now though…

I’m sleeping good, staying hydrated, exercising, eating right (thanks Optavia)…

I dance around my group room, I sing, I laugh, I play with my grands…

I am grateful and genuinely full of joy and peace.

Maybe that’s all my inner Fatty wanted from me, and once I started doing those things, she backed off.

Hey, I wonder if our inner fatty’s were created to be good!

What if we make them become evil?

What if by staying up late, eating when we aren’t hungry, not playing any longer, not smiling or laughing as much….

What if that results in Fatty’s becoming a tantrum-throwing-screaming-toddler-who-always-wants-her-way?

Could our inner Fatty’s have been created for our good?

Caring only about our well-being?

Could they have been the voice of self-care, the voice of fun?

The playful side of us that we seem to kill off as we take on the responsibilities of adulthood?

Encouraging (or nagging) us to rest, hydrate, exercise, laugh, be silly, enjoy life?

That we silenced by not doing the things she whispered to us to do; such as engaging in an April Fool’s prank?

So, she turned seriously evil and spoiled?


If so, that would mean that inner Fatty was once our inner child; fun-loving, carefree and Fatty was created by our neglect of our inner child?

Whoa, that is deep! (And I’m a therapist!)

I found an article that may help you gain more understanding on your innner child (we all know how clear-as mud, I can be lol)

Could my inner Fatty have once upon a time been a good girl?

Today’s weigh in picture:

Total weight lost to date: 33.8 pounds

An overview of my day:

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