Day 83: Diet Or Exercise?

November 28, 2021: Diet or exercise, which one is more important in weight loss?

Remind me never to make this face again, I look like a frog!

I used to think exercising was the most important way to go about losing weight…


I have been proven wrong!

When I first started Optavia, I didn’t exercise at all.

I’m not even sure how far into working this program I was before I thought, “Hmm, maybe I should exercise a little too.”

But every research article I read, stated diet is more impactful at weight loss than if one were to just exercise for weight loss.

You can read one of the articles by clicking the link below:

It makes sense that it’s easier to limit calorie, carbs, fats, etc… than it is to work them off.

Have you ever tried to work off a candy bar?

We’re talking at least an hour and a half on the treadmill at a pretty good pace!

(Yes, I do know because I’ve tried to do it before lol)

It’s a lot easier to eat half a candy bar and walk on the treadmill for 45 minutes…trust me on this!

That’s why I like Optavia so much, I don’t have to calculate, formulate or “work off” my calories because I’m “working off” these calories by just living my day.

In terms of calories burned by

  • digesting food
  • moving from one place to another
  • normal steps taken in a day
  • sleeping-yes, we do burn calories when we are sleeping!
  • and other activities of daily living


The article did say that once you get down to your healthy weight that exercise becomes more important to aid you in staying your healthy weight.

I thought that was super interesting!

Today’s weigh in picture:

Total weight lost to date: 35.6 pounds

My workout picture:

Picture One of Two lol
Picture Two of Two (I yanked the emergency chain by accident lol)

An overview of my day:

Yeah buddy! Your girl was on it today!

If you want to read tomorrow’s post, click the link below:

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