Day 84: 5 Cheat Day Considerations

November 29, 2021: After my cheat day, I realized how important cheat day considerations are.

Consideration Number One: Figure out how to get the cheat food out of your house

The one consideration that stands out in my mind the most is to have a plan to get cheat food items out of your house once your cheat day is over!

I didn’t and that’s how my cheat day got extended for an additional morning! (Remember my “one more” piece of pumpkin bread?

I cannot stress the importance of this consideration!

Cosideration Number Two: “Helpful” statements from family members

I should have spoken to my husband about any remarks he may have wanted to make to me during my cheat day:

“You’re going to gain ten pounds!”

“That’s more than you ate on the cruise!”

“I think you’re taking this a little too far.”

Yes, those are actual quotes from my non-dieting, non-exercising husband.

I have since spoken to him about future cheat days (or cheat meals) and how I do not want him to make comments like the ones above.

He in turn, had a request; “then I don’t have to listen to you complain about how sick you are!”

Fair enough. Our agreement has been finalized for next cheat day or cheat meals.

I’m saying cheat meals because I work too hard to blow it all by eating 10,000 plus calories on cheat day.

So, I’ve decided I will do cheat meals instead…

Especially with the upcoming holiday season and mini-vacation to Las Vegas…something had to give somewhere.

Consideration Number Three: Don’t Force-Feed Yourself

I did not do this…

I ate and ate and then ate somemore…

I felt pressured to eat all of my cheat day foods as I spent more money on them, then I spent on Thanksgiving dinner… for twelve people!

Either don’t spend that much money on cheat day food or be willing to have “wasted” some of your money by giving away uneaten cheat food.

Consideration Number Four: Think about all the people who are going to witness your cheat day

I didn’t consider this….Thanksgiving Day, twelve family members, all with opinions about what I’m eating or how much I’m eating on my cheat day.

Plan accordingly so that fewer people witness your gluttony, you’ll be glad you did!

Consideration Number Five: Think about how hard you are going to have to work to lost cheat day weight

You all know how I planned for my cheat day, writing a list of food items, planning on when and where I could safely eat my cheat items without having to share, delegating who cooked/baked what for me, etc…

But, what I didn’t include in my “battle plans” for cheat day was how many days I was willing to see the after effects of my cheat day…

Otherwise knows as pounds gained from that ONE day!

Having gained almost three pounds, and seeing that weight gain reflected on the scale for the past three days…

I’m not sure it was worth it.

I do not regret cheat day, but I regret it taking three days for me to lose cheat day weight!

Which, by the way, I have successfully done as of today’s weigh in:

Total weight lost to date: 36.8 pounds

But, it’s tough writing “Total weight lost to date” three times with a number that shows I’ve gone backwards, not forwards!

Cheat day considerations should be….considered for sure!

I found an article by Men’s Journal (should apply to women too right? It’s about cheat days and women can have those too!)

I like the author’s cheat day considerations, especially the one about hydrating, cause guess who was so focused on eating all the cheat food items she didn’t drink very much?

Yep, this girl!

Over view of my day:

Surprised I got this many steps, most of it was probably hand to mouth “steps” lol

If you would like to read tomorrow’s post, click the link below:

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