Day 6: Lemon Packets

Update of Fatty September 12, 2021: Fatty LOVES water with lemon packets! Not lemon juice cause that tastes…caca.

But, water with lemon packets… Fatty CRAVES it!

From the moment my eyes open in the morning, Fatty wants water, not coffee…water!

I never thought Fatty would want water over coffee in the morning!

In fact, as long as I’m drinking water all through out the day, she’s quiet!

No more complaining about the food!

No more thinking of what to have for lunch WHILE I’m still eating breakfast!

No more obsessing about every fast food we pass (except for McDonald’s, she’s clinging pretty tightly to that one!)

Anyways, getting back to the water, Fatty loves one lemon packet with each refill:

Fatty will gladly drink fill up after fill up as long the lemon packet is added.

In fact, Fatty’s been so good lately, I’m going to give her two lemon packets each refill tomorrow!

I wonder how many times I was thirsty, rather than hungry.

How many meals I ate thinking I was hungry when in reality, I was thirsty.

My new found love of water has got me really questioning this. Is this a thing?

I’m going to say yes because when I researched this question:

“Can people be thristy but believe they are hungry?”

Page after page of results popped up on google.

Here’s one of the links to an interesting article:

Drop a comment below and let me know what you thought of the article.

Have I told you that my water bottle has a name?

Yep, it’s Bubba. Bubba and I go everywhere together, he’s Fatty’s kryptomite.

Meet MY Bubba:

He even posed for you!

I think it is so cool that my water bottle has a name, does yours?

If not, you should give it one. That way you’ll never have to go to the gym alone πŸ™‚

Speaking of alone…

I’m still saddened from husband’s decision to quit the program, even though he lost weight too!

But, I do understand. It’s tough!

My Fatty eased up on me.

His Fatty never eased up on him.

With him working out of town, and not having me there to MAKE him follow the program… I mean…. support him, I get it.

But it still sucks because I want him healthy, and I didn’t want to do this alone πŸ™

Shoot! I forgot to take a picture of me on the scale! Probably because I didn’t weigh-in today. Did I mention how easy it is for me to get distracted?

But, it is what it is and I’m moving forward, pressing on, continuing the good fight, (do you hear the theme song from the Rocky movies playing in the back ground? I do!)

I got this, for the first time in my life, I’m losing weight DAILY, I will not stop now!

Click here for tomorrow’s post:

Until tomorrow….–Mq1A (Rocky’s theme song-you’re welcome!)

Overview of my day:

Not every day can be 16,000 step day. OK, yes it can be, but it wasn’t today!

Do this with me. You KNOW it’s time! Optavia link:

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