Day: 7 Cravings-A Conditioned Response?

Update on Fatty: September 13, 2021 Day Seven: Fatty has a craving for onions, raw, white onions with salt and pepper! Onions as a craving-how can this be? Perhaps, cravings are a conditioned response?

When I say Fatty craves onions, I mean she loves them, like, wants them with every dinner!

I can safely say I have never in my entire life craved onions…pizza, Snickers, Cadbury eggs, donuts, chips, Big Macs, McDonald’s french fries yes, onions…no, not once.

Speaking of cravings, (and since I’m a counselor I’ll speak on it from a mind/body perspective) most of the foods we crave, we crave them in part, because of a thing called conditioned response.

Thanks to Pavlov (and his dogs) we have trained our minds and our bodies to desire unhealthy foods. (Thanks a lot Pavlov!)

What is a conditioned response?

Basically, it’s when we anticipate/think about how good nacho fries are going to taste (based on previous experience) and our mouth’s water in response to that thought, or driving past Taco Bell, or seeing a commercial, etc…

I found an article that defines cravings and also states that food cravings account for up to 11% of the variance in weight gain and eating behaviors!

One exceptional thing about Optavia is that for me it has “interrupted” my conditioned response to high-fat foods-because there aren’t any on the program.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t still desire nacho fries, but the connection between my thoughts “Let’s go get some nacho fries, thery’re only available for a short time” and my mouth watering in anticipation immediately following that thought is broken.

I no longer have a conditioned response when thinking about nacho fries, driving by Taco Bell, seeing a commercial, etc…

That’s so awesome! Feels like I took back some power!

Today I did HORRIBLE with journaling. The only fueling I noted was Cinnamon Sticks. You’ll probably have days like this as well.

I do have my workout picture:

Work out summary

I will do better with journaling from here on out.

I promise!

My end of day Versa 3 information:

Overview of my day.

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