Day 8: Self-Sabotaging

September 14, 2021 Day Eight: I’ve lost 8 pounds!

I think my new favorite number is….8!

Today I decided that I would add 2 tablespoons of my pumpkin creamer and two packets of Equal from here on out.


Yeah, I know I shouldn’t cause what I’ve been doing has obviously been working but…

I’m doing it. I’ll let you know if it negatively impacts my weight loss.

Eight pounds guys, can you believe it? I think I’m having a hard time believing it!

The fuelings taste good to me now, and the only food item I’m missing is fruit…oh yeah and cheese.

I guess my Optavia coach was right about me “detoxing”

I better give her the apology I owe her!

I just had a thought! Am I self-sabotaging my weight loss by adding things to it?

I could be, I always seem to blur the lines when things are going well hmmmm.

I looked it up-cause google knows everything.

First, the definition of self-sabotaging according to Dr. Kim is: sabatoge means to destroy. She also says sabotaging can be a syndrome:

“Sabotage Syndrome: is any deliberate or unconscious thought, feeling, or behavior that attempts to destroy your ability to achieve your weight loss goals, which happens time and time again with each weight loos (or maintenance) attempt.”

I liked the article, and identified with having an unconscious fear of being deprived. Read the article and tell me which reason (if any) you identified with.

So now that I’ve done my research, will I not add anything to my Optavia program?

Yeah right! I’m adding more equal and Pumpkin Spice fake-creamer stuff!

I thought I’d share with you guys one of the biggest changes I just made today:

My old bedside snack drawer
My NEW bedside snack drawer!

Note that I’ve been doing Optavia for eight days before I decided to throw out all my candies…interesting.

Wait… that means….

I’m thinking that means…. I’VE WON A BATTLE AGAINST FATTY! Yes!!!

Woot! Woot!

You’re going down Fatty!

Summary of my daily physical-awesomeness! Or in this case, lack there of lol

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