Day 11: Driving Range

Update on Fatty: September 17, 2021 Day Eleventh: Husband and I went to the golf course, more specifically the driving range to put some balls. (Super fun and physically exerting too I may add!)

I’ve also decided to start weighing in every day, because the weight loss is daily!

If that changes, or I start not being motivated by the number on the scale, I’ll stop daily weigh-ins.

I cannot give Fatty anything to use against me!

Even though she’s been pretty good, I can’t trust her!

She could just be bidding her time…Before she hits me with a sucker punch out of nowhere!

She’s sneaky and manipulative like that.

Let’s start fighting your Fatty too!

Doesn’t hurt to look:

The car ride to the driving range was fun as was getting to spend some one-on-one time with my baby!

We rented golf clubs, and purchased a big pail of balls.

I worried if we’d have enough.

I worried for no reason.

Hitting golf balls is no joke

At least seven times, I offered to let my husband go two times in a row just so that I could suck air!

I did well though! Until…

I tried to hit the golf ball without a tee (I tried this because I lost most of our tees. I sure did, I sent the golf ball and the tee…. sailing most swings) trust me when I say that did not go well.

For your viewing pleasure, to prove to you how much I love Rocky theme music, and to make you smile… I’m going to post a video from the driving range husband took me to today:

Here is a picture of today’s dinner as promised:

Chicken didn’t quite turn out. Fatty is NOT happy!

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