Day 18: Pick Me To Be Your Optavia Coach

September 24, 2021: I became an Optavia coach today! Pick me to be your coach!

How could I not?

I’ve lost nearly a pound a day EVERY DAY since I started this program!

Total weight lost to date:17 pounds!

When I got on the scale and seen that I had lost 17 pounds I decided to become an Otavia coach!

I kinda felt a little bad because of my pre-Optavia and Day 1 of Optavia posts (ok, so maybe Day 2’s post and possibly Day 3’s post, wait, was there more bad posts than that?)

Anyway, I went ahead and did it because I figured I could “coach” others from this blog.

That way you can be “coached” as frequently as you want to read.

That being said, if you’d like me to be your Optavia coach, click the link below:

My beautiful niece didn’t have school today so I asked her to come to the gym with me.

She said yes!

Clowning around with Cheyanna in the parking lot before we work out

I didn’t think she would say yes when I invited her, just goes to show you should always ask!

Especially if you’re a cool auntie! πŸ˜‰

Today’s Spot Light Fueling is:

Pasta…kinda lol
Rustic Tomat Herb cooked, well microwaved πŸ™‚

It’s really good, I add salt, pepper and cayenne seasonings into the mix.

But guess what? I did cook! See:

I cooked!
It’s cooking!

It’s done and it was delicious.

By cooking, I mean, microwaved pre-cooked shrimp in zero cal, zero carb, zero anything generic butter πŸ™‚

I weighed out my greens so even though it looks like I over did them, I didn’t.

See, I’d make a good coach, cause I’m still weighing things

Not sure yet if you want me to be your Optavia coach?

Read tomorrow’s post, maybe that will convince you!

Person of Honor

Hi! I'm Raynee. I am a Christian, a licensed professional counselor, a wife to a husband I do not deserve-cause he's so wonderful, a mother of two amazing adult children I couldn't be more proud of, and a grandmother AKA Mimi of seven absolutely adorable grandbabies. I am also an Optivia coach, a writer, a speaker, and most importantly (second to being a Christian that is) I am a woman of integrity and honor.

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