Day 21: Adding Abs is Not Fun

September 27, 2021: Adding abs

One of the most effective muscle groups you can work in order to see a change within the first week for me is, you guessed it abs. However, adding abs is not fun for me.

See how much I love the idea of working them out:

See how thrilled I am?


I cannot deny that when I work my abs, my waist cinches in and my tummy fat comes to a point instead of drooping down. Too much information?

Total weight loss to date: 17.4 pounds

Guess who found an article about this very thing? Yep, this girl. You’re welcome!

Let the record show though, that I read many articles and discarded them because they just wanted to list benefits of working abs that I didn’t care about, like better posture, stronger back muscles, better breathing, improved athletic prowess-I really don’t care about any of that.

Because adding abs is not fun!

But then…

I found the one that listed MY benefit, the reason I will work abs. Can you guess which benefit number it is? Comment below 🙂

In my defense of being completely shallow…if I can’t see weight loss on the scale, I want to see it in how loose my pants are!

Also noted in the article (besides the benefits of working abs) was this awesome list of foods to avoid:


Although the main part of getting abs is the work, you put in while exercising, what you consume also plays a huge part. There are certain foods that if you keep consuming while hinder results.

Some of these foods include:

Sugar-sweetened drinks

Fried foods, i.e., French fries

Excessive alcohol

Refined grains

Sugary snacks

Please note, you will find none of the above in the Optavia program; nada, zilch, zip, none.

Again, I feel the need to apologize to Optavia for how harsh I was in the begining!

So to recap my ab workout (and unflatering body positioning): 25 crunches, 25 leg lifts, 25 right side crunches, and 25 left side crunches.

Spot Light fueling:

Still no bueno


The Honey Mustard & Onion sticks are in my humble opinion totally disgusting! On every level; taste, texture, although it has a nice crunch if you bite down immediately after putting one in your mouth. If you leave it in your mouth until it softens…nastiness on an entirely different degree than you could possibly imagine!

Don’t do it.

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